5 Reasons Why we Love Kerry Washington as Olivia Pope


is quickly gaining popularity among Netflix users. It already has 5 seasons in the only 4 years it has been on Netflix (2012-16). So why do people love this show so much? How to Get Away with Murder has a similar plotline, and Viola Davis is AMAZING. Both shows deal with the legal system and government and how corrupt both can be in the crusade to do what is best for the client. However, as a fan of both, I think I prefer Olivia Pope’s character. This is not to discredit Viola Davis; she is a superb actress. Although, Olivia Pope struck a cord with me as now one of my favourite television show characters. I am new to the show and am only 2 seasons deep, but the characters on the team have become people I am interested to know more about. It takes you into a realistic and fascinating part of life; corruption, politics, but also love. If you don’t watch this show you, should.

I am a believer that we are getting too glued to technology, but I will also admit to not feeling guilty about watching shows we like when we want to relax after a hard day’s work. So here it is, the reasons why we love Olivia Pope, and why Scandal has become my go to show after a long work day:

  1. The White Hat

Many may disagree with Olivia Pope’s approach to getting the white hat back on her head. For those of you who do not watch the show, the white hat symbolizes justice and honesty. There are times when Olivia must go against the curve and the law to do what she believes is right.

The white hat is one of the reasons why we love Olivia Pope because she never refuses a challenge to seek justice for someone. Additionally, Olivia fiercely saves lives when she puts on the white hat, and can recognize the people who truly deserve to wear it.

  1. The No Crying Rule

In the very begining of the show (season 1), we discover that Olivia has an unspoken no crying rule. Harrison, one of the associates, at the firm Olivia Pope and Associates, tells this to Quinn in her first few days when we catch her crying in the bathroom.

What is ironic about this is that Olivia often breaks this rule herself. However, when she is at work she is relentless and fearless and it is not too often you will catch her shed a tear in front of the entire team while working on a case.

Olivia Pope portrays no weakness to the public.

  1. “Gladiators in suits”

This is one of my favourite lines the show uses episode after episode. Olivia Pope and Associates is a legal firm that “fixes” problems. Olivia’s job is to “fix” things, sometimes around legal obstacles, for her clients.

Olivia has saved the lives of every associate that she has working for her, in different ways, and they all know this.

She demands that her team be loyal, strong, and intelligent, calling them “gladiators in suits”.  Harrison often refers to himself as one.

What we love about this is that Olivia Pope symbolizes more than just a lawyer or a fixer, she is a gladiator, a warrior, and sworn protector of her clients, and her team, who have become her family.

  1. The Fierceness

We have mentioned this somewhat in the points above, but Olivia Pope is like a tiger when it comes to how fierce she is. In the show, she never backs down in the face of a threat, and she always has a response for every backhanded remark that gets thrown her way.

If there is one person you don’t want to fight it’s Olivia Pope.

Even Fitz (the President of the USA in the show), with all of his power, cannot constrain or control Olivia.

  1. The Gut

Olivia has a gut feeling about every personality, case, or situation she encounters. Her prophetic gut is right about everything nearly 90% of the time.

Olivia can read people and tell when they are lying, not telling her everything, and most importantly in her line of work when they are innocent or guilty.

The gut is one of the reasons why we love Olivia Pope’s character because it becomes like a game to see whether or not she has read the person accurately, almost like a murder mystery.


This show is basically one giant puzzle about government and corruption, and throughout it, you have to put the pieces together in each episode. Only 2 seasons deep I am already hooked and would definitely recommend it as a drama to watch if you like solving puzzles.

Even if you don’t like solving puzzles you will love the show for the relationships, drama, and action.

If you have Netflix add it to your list, if you don’t have Netflix, borrow your friend’s and add it to their list.

For those of you who possibly do watch the show, do you agree with this list? Without spoiling for myself (only 2 seasons in) or others who have not started yet, what do you think of Olivia Pope’s character? We would rate the show 5/5 stars. What do you think? Let us know below.

If you want to know more about the show, the IMDB link is attached at the end of this post. Don’t forget to share us on Twitter, Facebook, and follow us on Instagram! Thanks for reading.


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IMDB LINK: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1837576/

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