Meghan Trainor: NO

thronerocking chairMeghan has been coming out with some new singles in the past few weeks, the one that caught everyone’s attention being “NO”.

Watching the music video to “NO”, I felt like I was watching Britney Spears Circa 1999. What is irritating about that to us is
that Meghan had her own style going. She was the upbeat 50’s style pop star, who had her own sound, and her own flair. Now, watching “NO”, I feel like I’m trying to watch a Britney impersonator.

Everything about the music video screams Spears. Even the opening sounds, the pipes bursting and the techno effect on Meghan’s voice when she says, “I think it’s so cute” in the beginning. If you go back and listen to it objectively you might be persuaded to think it was Britney.

If you have ever watched Britney’s “Overprotected”, you might even think the same person directed it! The setting is the exact same, an old warehouse, and the song beginning the same way as “NO” with Britney talking over a techno beat before the main beat drops.

Is it a good thing that Meghan is taking on a Britney flair? It is possible that it could be seen as an ode to Britney, but personally we just kind of see it as her trying to be someone she’s not, and let’s be honest there is only one Britney.

The costumes for this video are even very Britney. They scream 90’s Britney with their metallic shiny fabric choices. The minimalistic dance moves and dance crew even resemble that of Britney’s “Work B**ch”.

Having had this discussion before, we have even come to somewhat of a conspiracy theory on why Meghan dyed her hair red. If she had left it blonde and had done “NO” in the same dance, costume, and set it would have looked like she was trying to be a replica of Spears. Thoughts?


PicMonkey Collage
VERY Quick Edit to show what we mean…Would the blonde hair have affected the video to the point where people would blatantly call her out for trying to be Britney?


On another note, the lyrics resemble that of an old TLC song I think we all know, “No Scrubs”. The message and the words are quite similar. TLC’s “No, I don’t want your number, No I don’t wanna give you mine” vs. Meghan’s “My name is no…my number is no”. Even the metallic costumes, while being very Britney-ESC are also very 90’s TLC music video as well.

The whole video is a wannabe 90’s music video.

We are all for artists expanding their reach and trying new styles, but the line between new and copycat are becoming faded for Meghan with her new album “Thank You”. We will admit that “NO”, and some of her new songs like, “Me Too” are catchy tunes. However, you can only last so long impersonating other artists before you become a two-bit Elvis impersonator looking for work in Vegas.

Just saying Meghan, we love you and think you are talented, but we loved you more when you had your own style. Like we already said there’s only one Britney.article-0-18BC70CE00000578-855_306x518

What do you think? Are we being overly critical of Meghan’s new style? Should she continue to follow the path of B Spears? Are we simply seeing connections where there are none? Is this the way the music industry has to work? Recycling styles?

Let us know what you think if you feel inclined to share your opinion below.

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(photo credit for last shot of Britney:


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