Channeling Your Inner Cruella


So why on earth would you want to be anything like Cruella de Vil? She is conniving, obviously evil (we love puppies here, this is a puppy lover zone), and she is not exactly the spitting image of health.


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Here are the ways you can channel your inner Cruella, and the ways you can prevent channelling the sides of her you may or may not want to relate to:

What you could find appealing about Cruella’s life and channel it:

  1. Her Power & Influence:

Cruella is arguably one of the most intimidating of the female Disney villains. “If she doesn’t scare you, no evil thing will”. She may not have powers like Ursula, or be able to turn into a dragon like Maleficent, but what is interesting is that Disney gave Cruella real life power. She is determined to get her way and she is not in the business of taking too kindly to the word “no”.

Now, we are not suggesting that you never take no for an answer, but Cruella does promote a certain kind of blasé attitude towards the word, meaning she disregards it as being an option when she really wants to accomplish a goal. Is it possible that in subtle ways Disney was promoting the idea that females can be put in the position of high ranking power (human not magical that is), and can be feisty enough to fight to get their way? In other words, women can be just as if not more powerful than a man? Granted they did this in a way which made Cruella very unlikeable because she was after innocent puppies, but there could be more to her character and the message behind Cruella than meets the eye.

It wouldn’t surprise us if Disney did have more than one obvious reason for why the character is she, besides the killing of fur for fashion. They always do seem to think of everything.

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Channelling it: You don’t have to completely ignore the word “no”, but maybe take a Cruella approach and hear the word as a challenge to turn into a yes, rather than a white flag of surrender if it is something you really want to accomplish.

Don’t kill puppies to get there, but you know what we mean.


  1. Her Character in Once Upon a Time

If you don’t watch OUAT, that’s fine, we’ll fill you in. OUAT constantly twists the lives of every character from Disney or fairy tale narratives you thought you knew and gives them backgrounds you didn’t imagine would belong to their personalities. Once upon a time before becoming villains or heroes, this show likes to believe these characters were people with lives. We won’t spend too much time on that, OUAT can be discussed in another article.

Essentially, we learn that Cruella’s character was once in love and that she is a product of the 20s era. You learn some other pretty horrifying things about her evil character but we will skip those for now.

Knowing that Cruella is a bi-product of the 1920s makes her style a lot more understandable. The killing of puppies is not the understandable part. However, the long fur coat, short hair, simple little black dress, kitten heels, and long cigarette fit the times perfectly. The fact that Disney would have chosen this time period to represent her also makes sense, considering the film launched in 1961, not too long after the era.

With the time period Cruella arises from now apparent we can see how her fashion sense is actually quite on point. Even down to the long cigarette, her style makes complete sense. what cruella was from.jpg
1920s Style very clearly resembles that of Cruella de Vil (Image retrieved from


Why is this something to channel? Why does Cruella representing her era make her desirable? It doesn’t.

What is a desirable trait out of this is that we know Cruella is a fashionista. Determined in more than one un-ethical way or another, she is a fashionista, who has dedicated a good portion of her funds to securing her most desired fashions.

Are we saying you should spend all your money on clothes? No.

What we want you to take away from this is to make your own style happen. Cruella represented the 1920s wealthy women in her style, but she was determined to have the latest fashions by any means necessary to dress herself the way she liked to. She disregarded the fact that she was the only one in the cast dressing that way, and did what she wanted.

Channelling it: Living in Toronto, we see a lot of different fashions. Some good, some questionable, but 100% of people you pass in a distinct-able style appear more than confident of themselves and don’t have time to waste caring what you think about it. Don’t go out and grab a massive fur coat, support our furry friends. However, be like Cruella in the sense that you should not dress to impress, you should dress to express. That’s what fashion is all about. We believe that Cruella in a very twisted way promotes this. Be like Cruella, and stop caring what others think, dress how you want to dress. We can all say we have been in a time where we changed outfits because of what others have said, or what kind of looks others gave us. If you have a personal style own it. Cruella it.

  1. The Confidence

Aside from her fashion choices, and choosing to go her own way, Cruella’s demeanor is very self-loving. She is very confident. This is why she isn’t afraid to go her own way with fashion, and why she has no problem fighting for what she wants.

On top of that, she has her last name plastered across her licence plate. This may be common for families to do nowadays, but we believe is it also a sign of Cruella’s confidence. She is not afraid to make herself known to the public. She wants people to know when she enters the room. She owns the room.


It also doesn’t hurt that she has one of the nicest modes of transportation of all the Disney characters. Her car (Panther de Vil) resembles an old Rolls Royce.



The Panther de Vil is definitely a sign of Cruella’s materialism and greed, but like we said it can also be seen as her way of making herself known. If her character is also indeed from a time (the 1920s), when women had a hard time making themselves known as anything more than housewives or flappers, it only gives more reason to believe it is also a symbol of her power and the authority and confidence she puts off to the world.

Channelling it: Okay, so maybe we can’t all afford Rolls Royces, but we can definitely all be more confident in who we are. Like Cruella, aside from just being confident about your outward appearance and clothes, you should own your whole self, and know you can own a room if you want to. We all know people how can own a room the minute they walk in. Why can’t it be you? There is no reason why not. All you have to know is that we all bring something to the table, and no one person is better than anyone else in this world. Just remember that you don’t need a licence plate to make yourself known to the world; your demeanor should spell it out.

NOW: Some of the things you probably shouldn’t take Cruella’s advice on that one could easily get caught up into:



So, I won’t put DON’T KILL PUPPIES on the list, because if that one isn’t automatically off the table for you, it should be. Just don’t kill puppies, especially for a coat.

  1. The Greed

Cruella’s obsession with her money and her greed to possess more are the reasons for her downfall. It can be easy to get swept up in greed because we all have things we want. Being FancyChair, it is easy to personally say there are some things desirable in this life that are materialistic in their nature. Whether it be buying into a brand, or buying something because you want a new version.

It is acceptable to want things for yourself. What becomes an issue is living for yourself only. Do not let greed creep on you to the point where you exile yourself from those who care about you or live for solely yourself because odds are by the end of living for only you, you’ll be very lonely.

De-Channelling this part of Cruella: You can do simple things in life to keep yourself grounded and remind yourself of the other lives around you. Simply smiling, opening doors for people, or having patience with people asking for help when you may not necessarily want to give it. Rather than scowling, telling people you don’t have time to help or only helping yourself, simple things like the above will be a subtle reminder that you are not the only one with problems, family, or a life.

  1. The Rage

There is not a lot to say to this one. We can all say we have had a time or two (maybe three) when we have definitely lost our tempers and let them get the better of us. Cruella’s combination of greed and rage makes her crazy outbursts seem all the more ridiculous.

De-Channelling this part of Cruella: What helps when something gets you really worked up are a few things. Sometimes, the problem is too big to shake off. Use your Cruella Confidence to approach the problem, but do it in a calm fashion so that you are more likely to get through to the other party. This is obviously more easily said than done, but a good way to get yourself to do this is asking yourself if the argument or the person you would be arguing with are worth all that effort. 90% of the time, they aren’t. The final thing you could do would be if it really isn’t worth any effort at all, to be the bigger person and walk away. Odds are when you do this the opposing party is annoyed that they couldn’t irritate you anyway.


Look on your face when you won. #cruellaconfidence (Image retreived from:


In closing, Cruella is just like any other person, she has her good and her bad, but there are parts of her we can learn from, much like how we can learn from everyone in our lives. Feel free to show us your confidence using the #CruellaConfident tag and tag @fancychairinsta! You could be featured on the Insta page!

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