Fifth Harmony & Fetty Wap-Fun in the Sun:

Fifth Harmony has delivered a new tune we think is sure to sweep the radio stations soon and could very well be one of the songs of the summer 2016!

5H just released their new album 7/27 to apple iTunes, Music, etc. Just two days ago the group released their second smash single to Youtube. “All in my head (Flex)” and it has already reached past a staggering 6.0 million views since its posting!

numbers.PNGImage Retrieved from: Youtube (Screenshot)

This is actually not the first time it has been performed though. The girls performed this song during an episode of Dancing with the Stars May 24th of this year.

The fun beachy reggae tune, filmed in Malibu, is sure to be blowing up the radio stations! Especially given that Fetty Wap is the featured artist on the track! This beat is exactly the kind we would see of Fetty, so his featuring is quite well suited.

tumblr_nzshenUBi41t0q9vwo1_500.gifGIF Retrieved from: Tumblr

Image: VEVO 

Lately, the group has been attracting attention from various different acts. Their last billboard hit, “Work from Home” starred rapper Ty Dolla $ign.  One of their other smash hits included “Worth It” featuring Kid Ink. The attention these names is bringing the girls is undoubtedly helping them skyrocket the charts.


This is not without hard work. The girls have dropped plenty of singles prior to this album, throughout the years, and did not land number one on the charts overnight by fluke. They have worked hard to get to where they are today.

All beginning on the X Factor, these girls had to compete and come together consistently to climb the charts the way they have.


Speaking as someone who was not a fan of the group when they first started out, I can now say that I am a fan and believe that they are doing great things.

For the people who claim they are anti-feminist (which we do not believe):

To say that all of the videos are overly sexual and defeat their feminist and “girl-power” attitude publicized is in itself defeatist. Although the costumes for the videos may not always be knee length skirts and knit sweaters, the girls have continued to keep it covered. Some people forget some of their earlier songs and videos as well and neglect to acknowledge these early years.

Their styles have evolved with time and with age, as they should. The difference between “Miss Movin On” and “Flex”, should really take into consideration that one is from 2013 (3 years ago), and the other was posted a mere 2 days ago. For all we know the outfit choices are not theirs anyways.

maxresdefault (1)
Miss Movin On (2013)
Flex (2016)

It is fair to say that this girl group is probably the most largely successful since the days of Destiny’s Child and The Spice Girls. Truly inspirational, they are the first girl group in 15 years to top the charts with “Work from Home”! Additionally, they performed at the MMA’s this year, and are going on a tour for their new album! Lots of success for these girls in the past year. They are not given this credit enough when they are torn down for being anti-feminist for their clothing choices in their videos.

To say that a group of girls topping the charts for the first time in 15 years is anti-feminist defeats the statement.

Another single that was released without much attention was, “Write on Me”. Part of the new 7/27 album, this song has a more artistic video and is a catchy, but also vocally powerful song as well. Lauren Jauregui, one of the singers in the group was given the main chorus and did not disappoint!

If you haven’t had a chance to check out the new song “Flex”, or “Write on Me” check it out in the links below and give them a listen! “Flex” is a great song for the summer! It’s gonna be big! Doesn’t hurt that they have their usual group of good looking guys in the video as well…

Image: VEVO

We just wanted to shout out the group and say what a great job we think they are doing and that we are definitely 5H fans!

Tell us what you think of 5H below!

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