Hello, friends! So I know recently I have been going radio silence on you all, but I figured it was about time I wrote something. After the past few heated and rather intense articles I have been posting lately, I thought it was fitting to write something a little lighter in spirits.

So, today I decided why not write about something fun and heart-warming, hopefully thought provoking…

I decided to write about fun vacation ideas, as the end of summer is approaching. Maybe you take a last minute trip, or plan something for the year ahead. I have been thinking about travel for quite some time and thought why not show some of the amazing places to see in this world, and who knows, maybe one of them will be one you add to your own list. I named it with 90’s kids and Millennials in mind because I chose places that would be the life of the party and/or for younger people looking for adventure in their vacations.

So, here it is, the list of the 20 must see vacation destinations and some inspiration photos to get you in the mood to travel to each! Take a look… even if you’re not taking a vacation anytime soon, take a peak to imagine a vacation for yourself—school is almost back, an imaginary vacation is better than no vacation before exams creep up again.

  1. Greece (Athens, Zakynthos, Santorini)


Half of my family is actually Greek, and it just so happens that I might try to plan a trip to Athens since I recently had the revelation that I have a great grandmother who lives there. Being half Greek does not make that half of the family any less Greek, trust me. The movie, My Big Fat Greek Wedding did not exaggerate the habits of Greek families. I have been told since I was about 5 how I must one day go to Greece because it is essential as a Greek woman (in hopes that I would meet a nice Greek boy I think was the catch). The 3 places I would want to see the most would be Athens, since I have family there, and Zakynthos because I have close friends who are actually like family, that have property there and have told me it is a beautiful must see island, and I hear the BEST beach parties are there. Finally, Santorini, just because it looks so magnificent. Ever since watching the Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants, and seeing Lena’s travels, Greece has only become a more desired vacation destination.


  1. Australia (Melbourne)


Also another destination I may see this coming year because I have a very close friend in Oz, Melbourne is a place I would love to see. Australia has been a craze of almost everybody’s in the past few years to go to, and I would love to take my chance. 45 degree days are nuts, but I have been told it’s a dry heat, nothing like the humidity here in Ontario. So, if you think you can handle it, plus a 30-hour flight, I’ve heard it’s quite the place to see.


  1. Africa (Volunteer Mission-Anywhere would be AMAZING)


This has been a personal goal for quite some time. I feel like a mission trip to Africa would be so enlightening, and the wildlife there looks absolutely stunning. There are a few really great websites that offer packages for people looking to do this too. I have taken the liberty of attaching the links to two of them underneath these photos. Wouldn’t this safari be amazing?


  1. Spain (Barcelona)


Recently I took in Pitbull and Prince Royce on the Bad Man Tour in Toronto at the Molson with a friend. Just have to say, Pitbull speaks with an open mind and he speaks honestly and quite frankly he is a great entertainer. The whole concert felt like a Spanish music festival and everyone was dancing! It was fantastic. This is what I imagine life in Spain at a beach club would be like, and I hear Barcelona has the best ones…


  1. Italy (Milan & Cinque Terre)


So, I have another close friend who lives in Milan, and maybe one of these days I will take a trip down to Italy and visit him! Having international friends has its benefits! I have heard crazy things about Italy. Italians know how to throw a good party, and you obviously know you’ll die for the food there too.  I’m talking nights where you leave your house at midnight and come home at 7 am. Nights you don’t remember with people you don’t forget…


  1. Florida (Miami)


I would be lying if I said I never thought about doing spring break in Miami. It’s the ultimate student get away (if you’re 21 first obviously) and has been glorified for years as such. So, it would be interesting to see if the reputation still upholds.


  1. New York (New York City)


The Big Apple does not need an explanation. It is just a must-see.


  1. New Orleans

new orleans banner1.jpg

I feel like this would be such an interesting place to see. New Orleans is the original home of jazz music. Something that is definitely on my bucket list that is to take in a jazz show in an old school jazz bar. The feeling of replicating another era would be something pretty incredible.


  1. France (Paris)


This is also one of those destinations that does not require a lot of explanation. Almost every girl ever has dreamed of seeing the Eiffel Tower someday… and maybe my French would actually stick if I stuck around for a while?…. Possibly Exchange one day? We’ll see, for now…


  1. Hawaii (Maui)

“Don't worry about a thing,every little thing is gonna be alright”.jpg

Palm trees, Luaus, and Hula skirts. Every person’s tropical dream destination.

hawaii banner.jpg

  1. England (London)

england banner.jpg

You all know you want to make the stuffy English guard smile, try to catch a glimpse of the Royal Family, and check the time on Big Ben…


Okay so the first 11 were somewhat, you could say basic. These next 9 are a little more low-key, but still equally great spots of intrigue.

  1. China (Hainan Island)

china banner.jpg

This island looks like an ancient one. It’s home to a volcano, lots of monkeys, and a Buddhist Temple! This would be a good pinpoint destination for anyone who is looking for more of an exploring adventure in their vacation as opposed to just relaxation and parties!


  1. Central America (Costa Rica)

costa rica banner.jpg

You might think this one is also basic, but one of the most insane looking things that would be amazing to see that lies in Costa Rica are the crazy roots of the Buttress Tree.As well as the glowing beach in Nicoya at night. Truly these would be sights to see…


  1. Belgium (Halle)

belgium banner.jpg

I came across this wonderous looking forest that lies in the Halle area of Belgium called the Halle Forest. It looks like something out of Avatar or the future. The colours of the wild plant life are absolutely stunning, and the sunset through those trees must be quite the spectacle.

belgium banner2.jpg

  1. China (Danxia National Park)

china banner 2.jpg

This landform has actually been gaining popularity among travellers in the past few years thanks to photos and the internet. The bright colours and swirls of landforms attract thousands of people every year to see the mountains and to revel in its glory. The second on the list in China, it quite clearly makes China much more a point of interest for travel.


  1. Iceland (Heimaey)


No caption needed. Elephant Rock is officially a must-see.


  1. Hawaii (Oahu)


Maui is amazing, but in Oahu, the “Stairway to Heaven” deserves its own listing. Not taken by many a scared soul, but for those brave enough to climb to the top, The Stairway to Heaven is supposed to be quite the astonishing view, and of course, the beaches aren’t bad either…

oahu banner2.jpg

  1. Africa (Morocco)

Education is the most powerful weaponwhich you can use to change the world..jpg

A more specific African vacation–the wineries are very well-known and who doesn’t like a celebratory raise of the glass on vacation? Additionally, the markets are filled with the most vibrant coloured clothing and rugs you have ever seen, definitely worth a trip.


  1. Switzerland (Lugano)

summer deals!.jpg

What is supposed to be known as very welcoming and lovely, Lugano would be a great starting point for anyone looking to make their way through Europe.


  1. Malaysia (Putrajaya)

The Putra Mosque would be of intrigue to anyone interested in art or architectural masterpieces that look straight of out someone’s imagination for real life Princess Jasmine or something. Truly incredible, this Mosque reflects gloriously in the water surrounding its edges and would make for one beautiful photo.

malaysia banner.jpg

Well, hopefully, this list gave you some good ideas for your next vacation or at least made your pretend vacation enjoyable.

Thanks for reading and checking out the article! Don’t forget to share us with your friends via word-of-mouth, Twitter, Facebook, and follow us on Insta @fancychairinsta!

Yours Truly,


Disclaimer: photos in this article were found on Google Images,Instagram, and Pinterest!

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