chaise loungeToday we are bringing you a fun DIY we are super excited about showing you! I have taken the liberty of snapping a few photos along the way as we worked to recreate this iconic image of the one and only Selena Gomez on a student makeup budget.




So, firstly, I had to gather all my trusty makeup supplies. Along the way, I will show you all the products I used at each step. Alight everyone, here we go… To start here’s me pre-experiment/no makeup…

To begin, I used my powder foundation (Colour: True Beige, app $12 H&M) and applied it to my face to give an even coverage and to even out my skin tone because I have really rosy cheeks.

Next, I used my new concealer that I am very happy with. I recently saw it on a list of the best drug store makeup that celebrities used and I wasn’t disappointed. My Maybelline concealer (Colour: Light/Medium, app $8 Shoppers Drug Mart) was used under my eyes to eliminate any baggy and dark circle appearances.

After blending my concealer with my foundation to provide even coverage (Teardrop Blender, $1, Miss A Online), I moved onto the eyeshadow.

Now, in this photo, I used a combination of two different palettes because the eyeshadow in the Selena Gomez shoot is very dark and dramatic and to fully get the effect I needed to do a few layers of shadow. Using my Urban Decay Naked Palette (app $32, Sephora), and my Maybelline Nudes Palette (app $15, Shoppers Drug Mart), I used the lightest colours in each palette to cover the lid and under the eyebrow to lighten the eyes. I then used a mixture of two of the darkest browns in each palette to fill in the crease of each eye and carefully spread it outwards to create the winged look, which is followed by winged eyeliner. I used a Smashbox eyeliner (Colour: Black, app $15, Sephora-came in sample pack) to draw the preliminary lines faintly, and to fill my bottom waterline to the halfway point of my eye so as not to outline the whole eye as in the photo.  I then used the Essence pen liner (Colour: Jet Black, $4, Shoppers Drug Mart) in combination with my Revlon liner (Colour: Jet Black, app $10, Shoppers Drug Mart) to fill in the wing and define the lines, while also creating a more intense black.



Using my Essence Eyeliner/Kajal (Colour: Light, $5, Shoppers Drug Mart) I filled my inner crease/corner and part of my lower lashline and blended carefully with my finger to really give the open eye look, and to brighten the innermost crease as in the photo.

essence eyes hit.jpg

Lastly, for the eyes, I used my Covergirl Super Sizer Fibers mascara endorsed by Zendaya (Colour: Brown, app $9, Walmart), to give my lashes some definition, focusing on the bottom lashes to really make the eyes pop!


For the eyebrows, I used the Naked Palette from earlier to gently fill in my brows just to give a natural brown colour like Selena’s. Then, I used my Gimme Brow (Colour Med-Dark, $30, Shoppers Drug Mart) to shape my brows, and my H&M Brow Pencil (Colour: Chocolate, app $7, H&M) to accentuate the arch and point the brows at the ends.

*Disclaimer: if you have a double ended brow brush with the spoolie at home, the Gimme Brow is not necessary, just add it if you have it for better shaping results*

Then came time for the contouring. This was the most intense part and took a lot of time. I think out of everything I allotted the most time to this. I used my H&M Champagne Highlighter Stick (app $12), to give a highlight glow to my T-zone, nose and cheeks as dramatic as the photo. To minimise the shine without getting rid of the highlight I used my H&M Contour Compact Quad’s (app $14) highlighter, which has a semi-matte finish over top of the three areas (plus the chin) to even out the shine.

Additionally, I used my H&M Contour Quad’s darker brown, in combination with my H&M Way to Glow Bronzer (Colour:Desert Sunrise, $7-SALE) to outline my upper forehead, jaw, chin, cheekbones, and nose. For the nose, I tried to outline it a little wider than my natural nose because Selena has a wider nose. Using the Miss A blender from earlier I blended the contour all together to create the perfect contoured look ideally without making my face look a completely different colour than the rest of my body.


Before doing the lips, since they are such an intense red, I decided it would be best to do my hair and get dressed in my outfit. For my hair, I took a portion and pulled an Ariana Grande half-up-half-down pony. Then, I wrapped the ponytail around, keeping a few hairs out for the messy look, and tied in a bun, fluffing out chunks to achieve the desired effect.




For my outfit, I used a gold clock ring from Claire’s ($2-SALE), on the finger that stayed near my lips. My necklace was a find at Garage with a triple gold chained look (app $12-did not have one with a huge gold pendant–it was not very visible in the end but overall it worked for the look).

My top was a crop top on sale from Dynamite ($15), and my jean jacket is from Guess ( app $50-but any light denim jean jacket will suffice for this experiment if you choose to try it for yourself).

To finish the look I of course had to nail those bright red lips! For this, I used my Loreal Blake Lively Red lipstick with matte-finish ($12-now $9 on sale at Shoppers Drug Mart). I didn’t use a liner as this lipstick is super soft and easy to stay within the lines of my lips with. To give the shine look on Selena’s bottom lip, I used my Essence Eyeliner/Kajal pencil from earlier on a Q-tip and applied some to the middle of my bottom lip to lighten it and give it the shine effect.

The final results were actually very pleasing. Contorting my body to the same pose proved to be a bit of a struggle and was difficult to make look effortless like S, but overall I would say this experiment was a success, and I felt amazing about the turnout. The look made me feel bad-ass, and was a lot of fun to try out! Maybe you can try it at home and show us your results! Maybe you find products or clothing that work better to achieve the look!

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