Best Times Celebs Publicly Bashed Trump

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Hello, all! It’s been a while since we have published anything since the Selena Gomez replication, so we thought we would come back at you with a fun article. If you read our article on the Melania Trump speech fiasco before you know we are not Trump supporters. So, we thought it would be funny to show you 10 of our favourite times celebrities publicly bashed Donald Trump during this year’s American Presidential Race.

  1. Ansel Elgort:

When “The Fault in our Star’s” Β Ansel Elgort posted this on Instagram 4 days ago we laughed way too hard. His caption was the best part…

“When the Paparazzi came to set today in NYC I decided to give them something to photograph.
#fucktrump . Register to vote at Vote.Gov”

Encouraging people to vote and saying #fucktrump. Perfection.


2.Β Robert DeNiro

Favourite line: “I’d like to punch him in in the face”. It’s like every Mafia type he ever played came out in him during this video. LOVE IT. “If you care about your future, vote for it.”

3.Β Seth MacFarlane

Twitter is full of celebs who have had their full of Trump. Seth uses humour to get the point across. But honestly, this is a good question…


4.Β Dane Cook

Comedian Dane Cook’s Twitter bio reads, “when I tweet I tweet to kill”. Better words have never been said:

dane cook.PNG

5,Β Jimmy Kimmel

Comedians are on a serious roll, KILLING US with these tweets.

kimmy k.PNG

6.Β Kim Kardashian-West

Just a subtle slap to Donald from the Kardashian-West fam. They won’t be voting for you Trump.


7. John Legend

John has spoke out on social media countless times against Trump. This tweet in particular was a great message as to why you should not vote for him. Respect for women is common sense, you don’t need a daughter to find his commentary disgusting !-Agreed


8.Β Stephen Hawking

Stephen said in an interview Β with Good Morning America that he can’t understand why people would vote for him considering, “he is a demagogue, who seems to appeal to the lowest common denominator”.

9.Β Kerry Washington

Kerry, among many others joined the “Stop Hate, Dump Trump” campaign.


10.Β Stephen King

Horror novelist Stephen King knows when something scary is upon us. And trump is no exception. How great is this satirical tweet?


And here are some random, funny Trump Bashes just because we can…

Twitter @kmonroe224
Instagram @beigecardigan
Twitter @YayImOnline
Twitter @troytheblackguy

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Thinking of doing another beauty shoot replication for an upcoming article… or a more intense opinion piece again. Stay tuned people .

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