America Got Trumped.


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An Open Letter to the United States of America:


In a word, from what happened last night I (as well as many others across the globe) am disappointed.

Even if Trump makes a few positive changes for the country, electing him as your President has set you back 100 paces at least. It is truly stunning to think that America could go from making history with it’s first black President to diminishing hope for the future by electing this man. Luckily, impeachment is still an option. (one you may end up having to use)

Hillary is set to make her public speech about the aftermath of this election this morning at 10:30 am EST. It is my guess that she will be humble and appreciative of everything she has accomplished. It is also my hope that she will one day run again. This is more than I can say for Donald Trump.

What I cannot wrap my head around is how a nation could stand behind a man who blatantly sputes racial slurs, sexist slurs, and is clearly only for the advancement of the rich. I hope you are all proud of yourselves.

Watching a CNN report this morning, shared across social media, I watched a man discuss how his Muslim friends are asking him if they should leave the country. There are thousands of people scared for their safety in their own homes, pondering leaving them because of one person. That one person is now in control of the entire nation. Disgusting.

Now, I am coming to you from Canada so thankfully this mess of a man is not running my country. I understand that the US and Canada will still need to hold trade bonds and still remain in constant contact as allies, but it is my hope that Trump’s actions do not spill over onto Canadian soil.

Women and minorities fought so hard to get the right to vote in North America. It seems like their efforts ultimately lead to the opposite of an elected candidate they would vote for.

Are you proud America? Proud to “grab women by the pussy”? Proud to tell your daughters it’s okay for men to do so because the leader of your nation believes it to be so. Or, rather, are you proud of a man who’s wife (now the First Lady) plagiarized an entire speech off of Michelle Obama? I’m sure that’s an okay message to send to your children-plagiarism is okay, as long as your married to a rich, racist, white guy.

Maybe it is the heart-warming efforts to put a physical wall between yourselves and Mexico that convinced you to vote for him. It could be watching ethnic minorities get brutally escorted out of, or assaulted at his rallies. Maybe that is what made you think this man was suited to run a country.

You better hope Trump isn’t everything he has thus far, proven himself to be.

It literally gives my chills to know that the majority of YOU, our neighbors, in the USA, can support these kinds of messages.

Who knows? I could be wrong. Donald could turn himself around. I sincerely hope so, for all your sakes.

This may seem dramatic to some of you. However, in my opinion, caring about the world in which you live in is neither dramatic or pointless.

I’ll keep this simple and short.

Disgusted. Disappointed. Disapproved.


One of your Canadian Neighbors, Autumn Charalampidis

Also known as, FancyChair.




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