Tigress-I Dare You Campaign

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Don’t know if you noticed, but It’s been a while since the last blog post, so this one is going to be special and personal.

Today, I would like to take this chance to show you all something I have been wanting to post about for quite some time, but have not had the opportunity, given my hectic school schedule during finals week.

But, now that finals are behind me, and I am on Winter break, I would like to take this moment to show you all a project I did this past semester for my Graphic Design class that I was very happy with, and artistically speaking met my self-criteria for this specific endeavor.

This is a poster project, in which I designed and created a series of 3 connected posters, all linked to the same concept. The concept I was trying to portray was one of gender equality.

Now, I would also like to preface this, and say that I have never been that stereotypical crazy feminist ambassador; nor do I believe true feminists to be crazy. My main point is that feminism is about equality, not about picking a fight with men, which is what I did not want to exude.I would also like to note that I used Photoshop and am not a professional with it, but for a beginner level knowledge I am truly happy with the results.

A lot of time, energy, and research went into these posters and multiple rounds of brainstorming and inspiration hunts online were done before the final product.

The reason I entitled this article “Tigress”, is because the spark for this project developed with the initial image of a tiger in relation to female empowerment.

When President-Elect Donald Trump announced he thought that everyone should “grab women by the pussy” I believe he crossed a line. I do have hopes he will shape up for the American people but it was this quote in particular that led to my passionate rebellion via graphic design.

At the time I discovered this I was listening to the new Jennifer Lopez song “Ain’t your Mama” and an image came to my head of a woman who was done taking sh*t from people putting her down for being a woman and trying to “grab her by the pussy”. The image is crude in some ways, but more meant to exude an attitude.

This was the initial brainstorming/quick draft just to get the idea onto paper:

The idea was to say “okay come at me-I DARE YOU”, with an image of the tiger in place of the “pussy”. I know it can be perceived as anger but really I wanted to inspire an attitude of empowerment and a stand against stereotypical gender roles.

However, the design lacked luster and appeal. I was not satisfied with my font, the outfit, the woman’s aesthetic, or the tiger’s face. So, using the music video “Aint Your Mama” (also embedded at the end if you have not seen it) as inspiration I went back to the drawing board and looked up more inspiration photos to develop a more crisp and capturing image.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I decided on using a 50’s female aesthetic with modern twists of my own design to send a message of “changing times”. I stuck with the “I Dare You” slogan because I think it gives off an essence of confidence, power, and motivation. After some new sketching I came up with this image (first below), and after a few rounds of editing and finding a new font I developed this “rocker-mob 5o’s chic female” with a new more obvious tiger (second below) in Photoshop.



I feel that it does send an attitude of confidence and self-empowerment for women as well. The flipping off is just an artistic decision to give her an extra bit of sass and to add to the Graphic Design appeal as well.

I now had to develop 2 more posters like such for my new “I Dare You” Campain. This fictional #IDareYou campaign was supposed to be one on social media using this hashtag to show what you dare to do. This escapade of daring others to do the same and break down gender stereotypes is to support women’s equality rights.

Canada has come a “Long Way Baby” so to speak when it comes to female rights, but North America still has a lot of work cut out for them, especially considering the wage gap. However, some countries are not as lucky and women can face 100x the issues. These posters were meant to spread a social media message of global support for women everywhere. Now that they are online, I guess the campaign has started…

I gave the women all sunglasses instead of eyes to leave some anonymity to the character, so that any woman could see herself in them, and could feel empowered by them.

I decided since this poster was based on current affairs and female rights, I would base another on a historically significant female empowerment role model, and the third on a stereotypical fictional female character and mold her into an empowering new model.

For my historically inspired poster, I chose to work on the inspiration from Sally Ride. If you do not know who she is, she was the first woman to go to space in 1983. I chose her because she emphasized the point of literally breaking the barrier,  “the sky is the limit”, and based off of this inspiration I developed a new dare. 

Sally Ride: Image Retrieved: Pinterest


I used the pink in this to represent the stereotype of females being attached to the colour, and black and white in the first to represent the “black and white” way in which people break down gender roles in society.

Finally, for my fictional piece, I decided to pick the most feminine and debatably sexist (not in my opinion but many others) character from Disney-Cinderella.

I decided to have her leaving in a taxi instead of a carriage to make it more modern and for her to be leaving as the Prince is telling her to “wait”, emphasizing the point that women are not going to stand around and “wait for change”. Using the stereotypical “boy’s blue” I created the Cinderella poster.


You can see, as with Sally and the “Grab me by the Pussy” poster, she again has a twisted 50s housewife look clashed with modern designs to emphasize such change.

Overall, I believe the triage to be a success and it was something I wanted to share, because I feel like standing up for gender equality is important, and I will gladly defend and stand behind my message, as it was a chance to share something empowering.


Hopefully, I did this for some of you. I hope no one is offended by these designs, as,  like I expressed earlier they were not meant to offend anyone, but rather to send a message and create an attitude.

I’m thinking of putting some of them on t-shirts… Good idea or bad idea?…

Lemme know.

If YOU believe in breaking down gender stereotypes and in gender equality use the #IDareYou on Instagram with a post of what you DARE TO DO in the fight against inequality and don’t forget to tag us @fancychairinsta !

Hope this article gave you something cool and inspiring to think about and I hope you all enjoyed looking at them as well!

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fc-logo-w-strokeThanks for stopping by and reading,

Sincerely Yours,

Autumn Sophia Charalampidis/FancyChair

*Please also remember that all graphics, designsand drawings are the EXPRESS AND SOLE property of myself Autumn Charalampidis/FancyChair, and as such need to be accredited to me if posted without my knowledge. In addition, it should be noted that in accordance with Canadian copyright law, re-distributing, printing, or posting without credit or express permission is illegal. Please respect the rights of the artist and the time that went into making these, and if you do share them please just remember to give the credit where it’s due.* 

Featured Image was retrieved from: So Fashion Ready (Blog)

Jennifer Lopez-Ain’t Your Mama


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