Welcome On-Lookers


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Hello, world. I am FancyChair.


At FancyChair we believe that it is possible to have an interest in the finer things in life, while still maintaining a conscience, helping people, and indulging ourselves in worldly topics. So, as you will see, FancyChair is quite broad, with the idea being anyone can find something of interest.


For Your convenience, each article is given a symbol in the top left-hand corner to indicate it’s topic of interest. Listed Below is the different symbols and what they pertain:


FancyChair holds copyright on the FancyChair Legend, as well as the individual symbols themselves.


So, welcome to FancyChair. A haven where a small time, beginner blogger can have a discussion about various topics, and hopefully, influence some thoughts along the way. Please feel free to comment on anything and shoot ideas or thoughts my way.

FancyChair. Easy to spell. Easy to remember. Easy to love. Pull up a seat.


Lastly, the Instagram account for this blog is HERE! Simply click here. Also, if you want to follow my personal account you can do so at the link here.


All articles are the explicit copyright of FancyChair. All rights reserved. Any copying without permission is illegal.©


*For Future Reference on FancyChair and for This Post: if a photo does not contain an accreditation to the source it is from a free photo stock site, creative commons licensed, or property and copyright of FancyChair in accordance with Canadian copyright law (which you will see labels with the logo © on the photo for). If it is without our logo and not from a free photo stock site, proper accreditation will be given.*



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